Adam + Angie :: Pentwater and Ludington, Michigan Wedding Photographer

We were so honored to photograph Adam and Angie’s wedding! Every detail was stunningly beautiful! The girls got ready at The Pentwater Abbey where Angie’s family has stayed during their vacations for countless years. The ceremony took place in the Pentwater courtyard under the gazebo. Half of the town showed up to watch as Adam and Angie exchanged tearjerking vows. Seriously, strangers just walking past were getting emotional. Adam and Angie had their priorities in line and stopped for ice cream before taking some photos at the pier on Lake Michigan. Their reception was held at P.M. Steamers in Ludington.  Happy tears were flowing freely again through the toasts that were given by Adam and Angie’s family.  It was truly an incredible day. Adam and Angie, we are so happy for you guys!

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